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You be the Judge: Pridgit

You be the Judge: Pridgit

| April 22, 2015

It's Earth Week, so what better time to meet several industry startups with a clever approach to reusing, re-purposing, recycling, re-energizing and revitalizing our built environment. Five creative young firms will be presenting this Thursday, April 23, at BuiltWorlds' inaugural Judgment Night, sponsored by The Private Bank. Let's meet our contestants. Last, but not least... Pridgit!

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East Lansing, MI based startup Pridgit began with three Michigan State University students and a simple concept: "3D printing, without the 3D printer." In March, they celebrated their one year anniversary and just last week they battled over fifty companies and were named runner-up in the LAUNCH Startup Competition at Techweek:Detroit.  

Pridgit changes the way artists, household consumers, and businesses utilize 3D printing. They are a global marketplace and network where customers can purchase, or create, 3D printable objects. They specialize in anything that can be created with 3D printing. As we have previously reported at BuiltWorlds, that can extend from cell phone cases, to pizza, to the home that you eat it in.  So, they cover a lot of ground. 

Pridgit provides artists and designers a marketplace to sell 3D designs, and enable print shops to fulfill orders; helping to bring more business to shops all across the country. Have an idea on paper you'd like to see come to life? They would be happy to turn those ideas into 3D printed objects! The next big thing doesn't have to be hard, so let them make it easy for you!

For more information about Pridgit, check them out at the social channels below and see them in action this Thursday at Judgment Night.

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