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BW Sessions: XOEye Wearables

BW Sessions: XOEye Wearables

by TODD STOLARSKI | April 28, 2015

Wearables are the new black. It seems everyone has a Fitbit nowadays and they all want an Apple Watch now, too. Recently, Techweek Detroit even showcased a wearable fashion runway show. With the wearable world now also holding the potential for numerous job site applications, BuiltWorlds caught up with Aaron Salow, CEO of Nashville TN-based XOEye, the eye-wear company seeking to revolutionize how multiple parties, both near and far, can view the workplace simultaneously. Mr. Salow now is revving up for a busy summer. In May, XOEye will launch its first wearable, and in June, he will be a part of the MCAA Construction Technology Conference. He took time out of his increasingly blocked schedule to answer a few questions for us.

1. What is the main idea behind XOEye, and where did it originate?

In early 2010, the team at XOEye set out with a vision to create an industrial eyewear computing platform that allowed a shared, first-person point-of-view through another’s eyes and ears, with the inherent ability to communicate with that person in real time. We saw pains in our own jobs and businesses with a need for real-time telepresence, training and diagnostics and other actionable data. Since then, we’ve expanded into a company that is committed to perfecting a proprietary software platform comprised of both firmware and a comprehensive suite of software applications.

2. What void in the market does XOEye look to fill?

As new technologies have been enabling professionals throughout the world to work and collaborate remotely, commercial and industrial workers still require a practical telepresence solution for performing technical operations in the field alongside remote teams and management. The XOEye software suite virtually places a third party in a remote location, allowing for a shared, eyes-on telepresence experience in real-time and enabling workers to perform and share manual operations, employee training, diagnostics and quality control operations with remote teams from virtually any environment.

3. Having not yet brought your product to the mass public, have you encountered any unexpected challenges in the wearable construction market?

One significant challenge has been miniaturizing such powerful technology into a comfortable and convenient form factor, while effectively managing heat and battery consumption. Ultimately, we understand that sophisticated technology isn't enough; it needs to be comfortable, easy to use and produce the data that's meaningful to our clients. 

4. When will the XOEye be available for purchase and usage on the jobsite?

We received initial orders for our commercial product that will take delivery in the month of May! 

5. So much has changed in the last 10 years. A decade from now, how will the industry be using your products? What types of new products do you envision?

As we are among the first in enterprise wearables, our vision for this market is around creating a meaningful software platform that continues to be a destination, not just a highway. For example, in the future, we see an opportunity for all different types of wearable devices to integrate with an enterprise user in a meaningful way. Whether it is through watches, gloves, rings, or even shoes that are connected with powerful chips that integrate with the IoT movement.

6. When do you think robots will take over all our jobs?

Here at XOEye, we think there will always be a need for human knowledge and skill. Rather than replacing skilled workers, we hope to better enable them with our technology as an added “need to have” supplement in the industry.

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