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You be the judge: Threader by MEP Ally

You be the judge: Threader by MEP Ally

| April 22, 2015

It's Earth Week, so what better time to meet several industry startups with a clever approach to reusing, re-purposing, recycling, re-energizing and revitalizing our built environment. Five creative young firms will be presenting this Thursday, April 23, at BuiltWorlds' inaugural Judgment Night, sponsored by The Private Bank. Let's continue meeting our contestants. Next up...Threader!

Eventbrite - BuiltWorlds Judgment Night

THREADER by MEP Ally - Every project ends with at least some materials and equipment left over. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors traditionally operate on the thinnest margins, so they need to make every dollar count. Threader is a mobile application designed & built by MEP Ally that combines an internal inventory tracking tool to help subs support each other, avoid restocking charges, and ultimately maximize value. For more information, watch the short video below...

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