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The World's Most Sustainable Structures

The World's Most Sustainable Structures

by TODD STOLARSKI | April 17, 2015

Melbourne's Pixel building can claim to be the most sustainable structure on the planet, according to Classic Window Replacement (CWR) of Dublin, Ireland. Among the dozen buildings featured in CWR's new infrographic, Pixel was chosen to lead the pack after earning the highest-ever LEED score awarded by the US Green Building Council. Designed by architect Studio 505, it can proudly claim to be Oz's first carbon-neutral office building.

Entitled Sustainable Architecture: The World’s Greenest Buildings, the list names a dozen structures from around the world with extraordinary ecological focus and more than a little style, provided by big-name firms like HOK, Gensler, and Atkins. Among the other 11 structures, four stand in the U.S., one in Canada, and two each in the U.K., the Middle East and China. South America and Africa were shut out. The same goose egg went to Antarctica.  Next time.  

Head over to Architecture & Design to check out the complete infographic.

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