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Obama Library headed for University of Chicago

Obama Library headed
for University of Chicago

by ROB McMANAMY | May 12, 2015

The pull of family and personal history ultimately triumphed in the latest contest to see which city will win the Presidential Library Sweepstakes. This morning, the Barack Obama Foundation officially announced that the rumors are true: Chicago will be the home of the forthcoming Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum. (Thanks for playing, Boston, NY, and Honolulu!)

Specifically, the library and museum complex will be built on the city's south side on land currently owned by the University of Chicago, the same institution where President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama first met in 1989. At the end of the day, the emotional tug of the area was just too strong for the other geographic competitors. As the First Lady notes at the end of today's announcement video, "One of my grandfathers... we called him 'South Side.'" 


An exact site has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be either in Jackson Park or Washington Park, adjacent to the University. Many more decisions need to be made, of course, including the choice an architect and building team. No word yet on how this might affect Hollywood icon George Lucas's decision to build his own 'Star Wars' museum in Chicago.

For more details on today's big announcement, click here.


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