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Burnham Nationwide turns up the tech

Burnham Nationwide turns up the tech


Burnham Nationwide Launches Redesigned Site Offering a Robust User Experience

New features interactively provide comprehensive information for building, regulatory communities

(CHICAGO, JUNE 18) – Burnham Nationwide, a leading provider of building permits, code compliance services, inspection/verification, and solar energy services, recently announced the release of a newly enhanced web site, providing users with a customized, interactive experience.

“We are excited to have a platform that we can build upon to efficiently deliver relevant information to our clients," said Carson Kyhl, president and founder of Burnham Nationwide. "Our industry is very dynamic and now there is a user-friendly resource where the community can find the support needed to navigate the complex and ever-changing permit planning, submission and approval process."


“Our goal is to simplify the regulatory and compliance process in the building industry so that everyone involved with design, construction and management of a building can do their job better”, added Kyhl.

In addition to essential and up-to-date information needed to maintain compliance, the new site also features:

  • A clean uncluttered design, improved functionality, and enhanced, rich content;

  • Burnham’s Blog and Knowledge Center; The Final Review®, focusing on topics including: permit expediting, building code compliance, ADA build requirements, sustainability, construction, architecture, and more. The engaging format encourages dialogue around industry-related topics that affect you the most;

  • An interactive format that encourages users to “Ask us Anything”. With over 20 years of experience, Burnham can be a valuable resource for your project; minimizing delays, facilitating the approval process, and ensuring your project is completed safely and in compliance;

  • Direct access to BurnhamEYE, our proprietary application for verifying solar installations and conducting surveys customized to your company’s inspection needs. 

About Burnham Nationwide

Founded in 1992, the company’s mission is to create a special experience for its customers, vendors, employees and partners as we work effectively together to handle the complex needs of our clients. Burnham is a premier building/code consultant services provider working in over 3,000 cities nationwide.

For more information, visit or call 1.800.407.7990 

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