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More from the Smart World of Peter Ellis

More from the Smart World of Peter Ellis

by TODD STOLARSKI | June 24, 2015

Last week, we presented video interviews with two of our three SmartWorlds advisors, John Tolva and Paul Doherty. Earlier this month, we also caught up with the third, architect Peter Ellis, just before his well-received June 4 presentation here on Restructuring American Cities. Speaking on his recent eye-opening experience in designing Jaypee Sports City in India, Ellis described the lessons he learned from that undertaking, and how they can be applied to urban planning in the U.S.

Central to his presentation was a discussion of transportation options for future smart cities, and what all cities everywhere will need to do to replace roads, bridges, rail lines, airports, and related infrastructure, sustainably and soon. By speaking and writing on this subject here and elsewhere, Ellis hopes to accelerate the process of managing the immense urban growth that is forecast to be here before we know it. Next month, on July 23rd, such topics will be front and center when we present Future Mobilitythe next in our SmartWorlds series, sponsored by Tesla Motors, DIVVY, and others.

Watch this video for more insights from Ellis about our SmartWorlds Initiative and how we can all help to change the future before it gets here. Tickets for Future Mobility can be purchased below.

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