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Experts on Mobile Apps form all-star panel

Experts on Mobile Apps form all-star panel

| July 2, 2015

“There’s an app for that!” We’ve all heard that term, and Apple even tried to trademark the phrase five years ago. But today, the relentless proliferation of mobile application software continues unabated in virtually every industry. The AEC space is still catching up, of course, but even so, that means that there are now more apps available for more functions and affordable by more companies and individuals than ever before. Apps now perform more tasks, collect more data, facilitate more collaboration, detect and prevent more problems, ease more workflow, and save more time, money and even lives than ever imagined.

How will they continue to disrupt job sites and offices across town and around the world? And what do we need to do to be ready to seize these mobile opportunities?

Join our expert panel for a BuiltWorlds special event that promises to inform and amaze.

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