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Burnham 'eyes' better data, more consistent field inspections

Burnham 'eyes' better data,
more consistent field inspections

by RACHEL SALVATO, Burnham Nationwide | Jul 14, 2015


As the sun shines ever brighter on the solar energy market, more than 500 exhibitors, thousands of attendees, and dozens of enlightening speakers once again have descended on San Francisco this week for the eighth annual Intersolar North America conference and trade show. With the popular event focused on photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage systems, and solar thermal technologies, among other topics, Burnham Nationwide returns to the exhibit floor, where our Energy Team this year is showcasing the benefits of using the BurnhamEYE PV inspection application.

Principal Kyhl: Lose the pen and paper!

Principal Kyhl: Lose the pen and paper!

"The growth of the solar energy market is truly one of the more exciting developments in our industry today," says Carson Kyhl, principal at Burnham Nationwide. "And we feel that our innovative and sustainable techniques can play a key role in keeping that momentum moving in the right direction."

Specifically, the BurnhamEYE is a quality assurance inspection application designed for field PV Inspectors and PV Installers. Accessible with any smartphone, the app allows you to consistently document pre and post conditions of solar installations. Information is geo-tagged, synchronized in real-time, securely stored and archived to be accessible via the cloud. Burnham professionals review the data for code compliance and industry best practices and then produce a comprehensive and conclusive report. 


  • Document installation in real time;

  • Identify deficiencies prior to install completion;

  • Simplify and streamline the audit process;

  • Standardize inspections company-wide;

  • Document 100% of your installations at low cost;

  • Collaborate through interactive, online hub.

In all, the inspection application provides a consistent process for documenting conditions and producing detailed reports. Designed to be easily used by any user, from engineer to installer, BurnhamEYE provides a systematic method of collecting critical components of a solar array system, yielding concise and consistent data at all times. The real-time data is accessible through our interactive and secure hub, which makes inspection results, scores and references available, whenever and wherever that information is needed. It also enables easily collaboration with our QC team.

"We have audited thousands of solar arrays nationwide," adds Kyhl. "So at the end of the day, what we really offer our customers is the peace of mind of knowing that their photovoltaic power systems are safe, up to current code requirements, and operating both efficiently and cost effectively."

So, instead of filling out all those forms, it's time to embrace our technology and lose the pen and paper. Looking to verify conditions in the field? We'll keep a BurnhamEYE on it. All you have to do is let the sun shine in your business to modernize your inspection processes.

For more information, ask the Burnham Energy Team.

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