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Construction Apps are Breaking the Ground We Walk On

Construction Apps are Breaking
the Ground We Walk On

by TODD STOLARSKI | Jul 7, 2015

All the way back in 2008, Steve Jobs and his trademark black mock turtleneck walked off a stage in Cupertino CA and a new phrase entered our general lexicon. Yes, on that June day, the concept of an "App Store" was born.

The next day in the field, excited workers wanted to show off their digital bubble level applications to their buddies. Seven years later and look how far we've come.

As each day falls off the calendar, we are that much closer to a paperless jobsite. After sitting down with PlanGrid last week, we don't need to tell you how popular these field applications are. Apps now perform more tasks, collect more data, facilitate more collaboration, prevent more problems, and save more lives.

On July 16th at BuiltWorlds, Newforma and Procore will sponsor Mobile Apps + Construction, a fast-paced event focused on how these mobile applications affect our day-to-day lives on the jobsite. A bevy of mobile construction tech companies will showcase just how their apps are allowing people on site to bridge the gap in order to make their workplace more efficient than previously imagined.


That is where we are, but where will we go? How will these apps continue to shake-up jobsites and portable offices across town and around the planet? What do we need to do to be ready to seize these mobile opportunities?

With our faces in the screen and our data in the clouds, the companies taking part in Mobile Apps + Constrcution know where the jobsite of tomorrow is heading. Join BuiltWorlds, Newforma and Procore on July 16th to find out more about the software that will propel us there.

 Purchase your tickets below, and check out the brand new video from Procore. For Newforma news, visit our recap of their winning efforts at the recent AEC Hackathon SoCal.

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