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See how mobile appsters are creating the paperless jobsite

See how mobile appsters are
creating the paperless jobsite

| Aug 22, 2015

Time to revisit our entertaining and content-rich Mobile Apps + Construction event from July 16. By now, you've likely read the recap story, and seen the short video highlights. But if you are the type of person for whom less is, well, not enough... then you are in luck.

Why? Because if you scroll down, you will find the whole enchilada! 

Yes, embedded for your enjoyment are all the presentations from our panelists, featuring Tooey Courtemanche (Procore); Dan Conery (Newforma); Alex Bakman (Snappii); Charles Engelke (InfoTech); Mark McKenzie (Penta); Andy Jansen (Hard Hat Hub); and moderator Anjulie Rao of the Chicago Architecture Foundation. This month, Ms. Rao became the new director of communications for AIA-Chicago. (Congrats!)  Earlier, she had this to say about the panel: 

It was very exciting not just to hear about these new apps, but also to learn more about the grander implications of their emergence upon the AEC community. The motivations and results discussed by the panel were really impactful, as these apps touch not just on project efficiency, but on the 'human' component of design, as well.

Thanks, Anjulie!  Now, below, the rest of you can see for yourselves just what she's talking about...

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