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Drone Hawk Haun Takes Flight in Exclusive Interview

Drone Hawk Haun Takes
Flight in Exclusive Interview

by TODD STOLARSKI | Aug 23, 2015

Earlier this summer at our Robots to the Rescue event, we looked at the evolution of unmanned vehicle systems --both on the ground and in the air-- focusing on its growing applications to the AEC space. At the time, BuiltWorlds was able corral a few minutes alone with presenter Thomas Haun, VP of Strategy & Globalization at PrecisionHawk, a Raleigh NC-based designer, maker, and operator of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aka 'drones'.


Founded in 2010, the firm describes itself as "a terrestrial data acquisition and analysis company" that uses UAVs to capture information that can lead to improved business intelligence. So far, its use has focused on four industries: agriculture, insurance, energy, and infrastructure.

With all the recent fervor surrounding drones, to say Haun was popular while at BuiltWorlds would be a gross understatement. The reaction from our audience was akin to that of a presidential hopeful at a county fair or a member of the hottest boy band walking through a shopping mall.

During our brief interview he got into the good stuff, like flying computers, evolving FAA regulations, and the Big Data now being harvested from the real clouds and dropped into the virtual one. Dive in!

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