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C-Suite Corner: Breakfast with e-Builder

C-Suite Corner: Breakfast with e-Builder

by JUDY SCHRIENER, for BuiltWorlds | Sep 16, 2015

I first met youthful tech pioneer Jonathan Antevy 20 years ago when I was an associate editor with ENR magazine. At that time, our industry was just starting to realize that technology might actually become a fairly important part of its future. Then a young architect at the University of Florida, Jon had just earned a Masters in Construction Management, writing his thesis on multimedia and Internet applications for the construction industry.

His findings led him to conclude that there would be a great need for construction program management software, and so he cofounded e-Builder. That action earned him recognition by ENR as one of the Top 25 Newsmakers of 1995 for being "the first person to move practical construction applications onto the Web," as I wrote at the time.

Two decades later, e-Builder provides collaborative, web-based project management solutions to many of North America's top facility owners, CM firms, architects and engineers. Today, it is 100% focused on capital project planning, design, construction and claims, "helping owners reduce their construction costs by up to 4%", the company says. (Jon's brother Ron is president and CEO.)

Earlier this month, Jon was in Arizona on business and I had the chance to sit down with him for an ultra brief interview. Our chat was in preparation for a larger story about e-Builder that I will be writing for BuiltWorlds later this fall. Even so, there is still some nice insights below, not to mention a revealing glimpse into the home life of someone who lives and breathes technology!

For more about e-Builder, click here.


A regular contributor to BuiltWorlds, the author is an award-winning veteran journalist who has covered design and construction since the 1980s. As an associate editor with ENR, she was one of the few women who traveled alone to the Middle East to cover the reconstruction after the first Gulf War. Later, she was among the first industry reporters to write on the use and potential of the Internet for commercial construction. In 2010, Schriener also co-authored Building for Boomers, Guide to Design and Construction, published by McGraw-Hill. She can be reached at


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