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PlanGrid Shows Paperless Benefits at Workshop

PlanGrid Shows Paperless
Benefits at Workshop

by TODD STOLARSKI | Sep 18, 2015

Yesterday, PlanGrid's representatives Will Magnuson and Brian Ekstrom led a revelatory workshop at BW on how their software is altering how work is done in the field. 

Attendees from W.E. O'Neil Construction, F.H. Paschen, The Opus Group, Graycor, AMS Mechanical, Hard Hat Hub, and F.E. Moran witnessed how a paperless jobsite is not only greener with PlanGrid's app, but considerably more efficient, too.

In five years, PlanGrid has gone from being a concept to saving our arms from carrying over 20 million blueprints. Co-founded by Tracy Young, she refers to her application's origin as being "the saddest story in Silicon Valley."

To find out why she feels that way, and more about PlanGrid read our in-depth interview here.

And stay tuned for more workshops through our calendar of events.

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