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All Hands on Tech To Put Future at Your Fingertips

All Hands on Tech To Put
Future at Your Fingertips

by TODD STOLARSKI and ROB McMANAMY | Sep 3, 2015

Not long ago, biometric scanning, 3D printing, and autonomous transportation were only the dreams of science fiction films. Today, they are revolutionizing the way we live and work. Creating good tech versus doing good with tech is a crossroad that we are currently faced with.

A night of demonstrations and a hands-on, interactive look at emerging technologies will storm the BW floor next week. Some of the leading experts from across the country, focused on design to construction and everything in between, will bring their latest toys to BW. Attendees will experience these advances, ask questions and learn first-hand about how these emerging technological tools are shaping the future of our built environment. 

We are bringing in some big guns for this stellar affair and Dan Bulley, Senior VP of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago will have the tall task of moderating our whopping seven demonstrators for the evening. 


Clayco Construction - Andrew Dennison - Drones in the Built Environment

GeneXus USA - Dane Drotts, Co-Founder - Mobile Real-time Data Collaboration

Capital Construction Services - Cory Davis, CEO - Mobile Safety Innovation at the Jobsite 

FieldLens - Travis Melchior, Senior Sales Manager - The Paperless Jobsite 

PositivEnergy Practice - *Special Mystery Guest*

SoloInsight - Carter Kennedy, Co-Founder Biometric Scanning

Pridgit - Nick Lazich, Co-Founder - The 3D Printed Marketplace

Join us on Thursday, September 10th, as BuiltWorlds hosts the companies with technology that will push the industry forward. Put all hands on tech as these forward-thinking businesses take center stage to showcase how their products will continue to cause commotion, as they shape the look of tomorrow.


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