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Sparks Fly, Ideas Collide at Future Energy

Sparks Fly, Ideas Collide at Future Energy

by TODD STOLARSKI | Sep 24, 2015

Last night's SmartWorlds event at BW led us down the rabbit hole of future energy and we landed on a micro-grid. Our expert panelists touched on myriad subjects, from energy storage, batteries for homes and businesses, wind generation, solar panels, the array of things, and much more.

Negative pricing? Glidepath's Shawn Kestler noted that often there is too much energy produced at night, causing prices to flip!

The Q&A portion of the evening was particularly spirited, highlighted by a cameo appearance in the audience of an inquisitive architecture professor and lawyer who asked very challenging questions. The exchange was "must-see TV", as they used to say, and the interactive, deep dive into the opportunities and challenges facing our energy infrastructure left everyone invigorated. 

With written and video recaps yet to come, here's a sampling of our event to tide you over. Watch the clip at right, and check out the gallery below.

To learn more about our SmartWorlds initiative and to stay up to date on upcoming events, head here.

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