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BW Sessions: Blue Marble 3D

BW Sessions: Blue Marble 3D

by TODD STOLARSKI | Sep 25, 2015


It all started 43 years ago with a simple photo from space.

The crew of Apollo 17, NASA's last Apollo mission, snapped a picture of Earth that would go on to become famous the world over. Today, that image still inspires Blue Marble 3D, an advanced immersive visualization firm with expanding applications for the architectural, engineering and construction community.

Based in Des Plaines IL, Blue Marble 3D "creates stunning, detailed renderings and 360° panoramic images" that help owners and project team members to visualize prototype implementations, redesign ideas and repurpose space in new or existing locations. So far, that has mostly involved the retail, restaurant, hospitality, sports and entertainment markets. But more is on the way.

From basic animation and CAD to 3D renderings and fully-immersed VR cubes and caves, Blue Marble 3D now routinely  displays instructive and persuasive project previews. Invariably, such work helps architects and owners to identify and solve design and logistical problems before contractors even break ground. 

Before he took the BuiltWorlds stage last month for Engage: Games, AEC and The Next Generation, we caught up with Blue Marble 3D Principal George Matos for an informative BW Session. Below, he expounds on the fascinating VR capabilities already here --and on the way-- for the built environment.

At Blue Marble 3D, they walk clients through their upcoming space and allow them to see what will be. Our thanks to Mr. Matos for walking us through his company's Icube, and showing us how much the industry is changing, all through the lens of an Oculus Rift headset.

To learn more about Blue Marble 3D, click here. And follow them on twitter.

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