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Smart Panel Set to Energize

Smart Panel Set to Energize

by TODD STOLARSKI | Sep 10, 2015

The current hit song from Canadian actor-turned-musician Drake reminds us that he's got a lot of people trying to drain him of his energy. The same could be said about how humanity has depleted Earth's finite resources for the past three centuries, but something is changing. Globally, our behavior is shifting toward harnessing the planet's own sustainable power. Wind farms are popping up everywhere, solar prices are becoming more affordable than ever, and Tesla's battery pack is already sold out until 2016. Sustainable is the new black.

As part of our ongoing effort to promote a dialogue about smart and sustainable thinking, BuiltWorlds is excited to present part four in our SmartWorlds initiative, Future Energy. With the increasing density and population of urban eco-systems, a key issue arises: the need for future cities to be powered by safe, reliable, and non-polluting energy systems. 

We couldn't be more excited to announce the five participants for what will be a highly charged event:


Our emcee on the 23rd, Energy Foundry's VP, Patrick Norton, has more than nine years of experience in renewable energy development. He'll need to call on all nine of them to moderate what is sure to be a riveting discussion among the four panelists who collectively have over 50 years of private sector energy service under their belts.


    Eric Luesenbrink - Senior Vice President of Development, SoCore Energy

    Leah B. Guzkowski - Director of Strategic Programs, Argonne National Laboratory

    Erin Grossi - Chief Economist and Director of Innovation, UL

    Shawn Kestler, Consultant, GlidePath Power

Where once humankind only sought to diminish, we now have the ability to enhance our energy generation resources. Taking this next step has caused the constituents within the energy value chain to rethink the projects they build and the technologies they use. The emergence of distributed energy resources and micro-grids into our energy chain is changing the way power is managed, distributed and used. SmartWorlds: Future Energy is designed to help our community gain valuable insights and connections to meet the challenges and opportunities these fundamental changes represent.

Join us at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, September 23rd for an illuminating look into both the big and small picture of how our future will be powered. We have plenty of energy. Do you?

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