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BW Research: New Report Now Available on PM Software

BW Research: New Report Now Available On PM Software 

BuiltWorlds this week is pleased to announce the release of a new in-house research report on Project Management Software, a 20-page document outlining the benefits of such collaborative platforms, including improved efficiencies and enhanced workflows on complex jobsites.

The report also raises questions to consider when evaluating programs to help users select options best suited for their particular project or enterprise. It includes comparative reviews of several leading software solutions now on the market that make similar claims. 

“We are excited to be able to educate our audience about this important technology and to help them find their way in an increasingly crowded field,” says BuiltWorlds Research Manager Eliot Rosenfield. “As always, of course, we also encourage our audience to provide us with feedback to promote dialogue about their own experiences with various programs."

This report is now the third entry in BuiltWorlds' growing library as a new research resource for the AEC space. Why this particular topic at this particular time? 

“Several firms in our community had told us that they have just been inundated with so many PM software technologies lately that they are having trouble keeping up with it all," explains BuiltWorlds cofounder Matt Abeles. "So we knew the interest was already out there --and growing-- for this type of detailed discussion.” 

To download the new report, and see our previous reports on UAVs and 3D Scanning, visit the BW Research page. Next up? A review Wearable Technologies.  Stay tuned! 

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