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Guru's Guide: 5 New Apps for The New Year

Guru's Guide: 5 New Apps For The New Year


by ROB McKINNEY, aka ConAppGuru | Jan 27, 2016

One of my goals for 2016 is to share more information about new platforms and apps that I am using, or think are relevant to our industry. This week, I have selected five platforms to discuss that can benefit your business. So, here are five apps for construction that you may not have heard of before:

  • Periscope: A live video streaming platform from the Twitter universe, it allows users to stream from events, training sessions, and more. Viewers can comment and 'like' the broadcast as it streams in real time. The broadcaster also has the option to set up private streams for only his/her followers. It is available now on Android and IOS devices;

Nutshell: A CRM platform for teams, it allows members to share and track new leads and contact information, phone call history, email conversations and more, all in one place. Companies can also create custom workflows (i.e. projects) for teams to follow. It is available on Android and IOS devices;

  • Calendly: An internet-based scheduling platform for meetings, it allows users to connect their Exchange or Google calendars and suggests potential meeting invites to see where openings are in your calendar. It offers time window options of 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes. The platform is available on all internet browsers, but there are not any mobile apps at this time;

Geniebelt: An internet-based project management tool that manages plans, tasks, and photos. One unique feature is its access to a live Gantt Chart for all project team members. The mobile app allows field users to transfer project data from the field to the office in real time. It is available on all internet browsers and apps are available on Android and IOS devices;

  • SmartReality: Mobile app from JBKnowledge(maker of SmartBidNetSmartInsight and SmartCompliancethat enables users to visualize a 3D BIM model that is coordinated with 2D plans on tablets and smartphones. The idea behind the app is to provide any construction team member the opportunity to view a 3D model in the field to use for space planning, visualization of project elements, and even clash detection. The app allows users to view a BIM Model by holding a tablet over the “target” on a printed post card or actual printed plan. Users can view the model details while moving around the target to see multiple views.

So, what new apps and platforms are you using?  Please share.

*Guru's note: Earlier this month, I formally joined the JBKnowledge team.

A popular speaker and recognized expert in construction technology, as well as safety management, the author is a frequent contributor to BW. Now a consultant to JBKnowledge, his e-mail is

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