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Watch: Empower the Workforce in 4D

Watch: Empowering the Workforce in 4D

by MICHAEL ARMSTRONG | Mar 17, 2016

Stanford's Dr. Fischer

Stanford's Dr. Fischer

How is today's construction workforce being empowered by technology? BuiltWorlds recently took a road trip out West to ask that very question.

Our first stop was at Stanford University to visit with Dr. Martin Fischer, the “godfather of 4D modeling.” A professor of  civil and environmental engineering, as well as virtual design and construction (VDC), he shared his views with us on why we need to empower the workforce and what they are doing at Stanford to catalyze movement towards this goal.

  • See more of Dr. Fischer discussing his work and the future of the industry here.

At the San Francisco headquarters of blue-collar hosts Rhumbix, we convened an empowered panel of innovators that included:

NOTE: Rodgers, and Salow all will be speaking next month at BuiltWorlds' CEO Tech Forum.

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