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Future of Making Things Only Limited by Imagination

Future of Making Things Only Limited by Imagination

CALL TO ACTION > April 7 : Stop by BuiltWorlds Studios to see this reality-bending "live" show!  Register here.

CALL TO ACTION > April 7 : Stop by BuiltWorlds Studios to see this reality-bending "live" show!  Register here.

by ROB McMANAMY | March 22, 2016

So, how big is your Maker Space?

Today, when folks ask if you are a "thought leader", the unspoken implication of a 'No' answer invariably suggests, 'Uh-oh, I must be a 'though follower.'" Well, in this remarkable era of dynamic disruption, if your are not a "maker", does that mean that you're a "breaker"?

It's a fascinating question with many broader implications. So many, in fact, that on April 7, BuiltWorlds will host a full day of discussion, demonstrations, and creative exploration on the topic, The Future of Making Things, presented by MasterGraphics. Our panelists...

Indeed, it is the extraordinarily fluid nature of today's societal and technological changes that have solidified customer expectations in a much broader way, even as disruptive modifications to the manufacturing landscape continue at a breathtaking pace. And regardless of company size or the products you produce, your competitive advantage relies on adapting to these changes.  


New technologies such as additive manufacturing, cloud design, simulation, and mobile are driving speed and disruption into all aspects of manufacturing. So, among other topics, our panel will discuss how customer demands for customization and new configurations are driving change; how connected products via the Internet of Things (IoT) and broad network intelligence have become the "new normal"; and how integrated product development platforms can help shorten delivery cycles in a highly competitive marketplace.

Presentations will focus on three areas:

  1. The means of intellectual and physical production - The modern methods for designing and fabricating things has become much more accessible to virtually everyone;
  2. Demand - Who customers are, where they are, and what they want - has fundamentally changed. How can you change accordingly to serve these expanded expectations?
  3. Smarter, more interconnected products - The IoT is here and its is already having major impact on both external (differentiation, preference) and internal (process and data) factors. 

For more details on this program, including the full agenda (8am - 4:30pm), please click here.

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