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Northwestern Students Engineer Success in 3D

by BuiltWorldsNU | June 24, 2016


Hello one last time!

The BuiltWorldsNU team has finally reached the end of our six-month long project, and it has been quite a journey. We gave our final presentation for our class earlier this month, and it’s safe to say that our classmates and professors were impressed with what we were able to accomplish in building our concrete 3D printing demonstration device. Our demo during the presentation, unfortunately, encountered some difficulties, resulting an inconsistent extrusion. Thankfully, we previously recorded a video printing the Northwestern “N” that could not have gone better:

Perhaps even more remarkable is that we were able to finish the project with only one disastrous concrete explosion to our name. Thanks to Leo’s mopping skills, the RP lab where we worked may actually now be cleaner than when we started.

BuiltWorlds invited our team to their office to show off our prototype and film it in action. We decided it would be appropriate to print the BuiltWorlds logo to show off our printer’s capabilities and also say thanks for the help and support we were given throughout our project.

We all learned a ton during this project and got some great real-world experience engineering and building a complicated prototype and working with our client, BuiltWorlds. Hopefully, our work can have an impact and teach people about the possibilities of 3D printing in the field of construction. We’d like to thank BuiltWorlds, our professors, classmates, and former team members, as well as everyone who helped us over the course of this journey. Until next time!





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