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Dutch students create efficient, flexible 'Micro-Apartment'

Dutch students create efficient, flexible 'Micro-Apartment'

As more young professionals choose to live downtown, cities everywhere are getting more crowded every day. While convertible apartments are nothing new, designers have long sought ways to make living in them more bearable. A group of students at Delft University of Technology (aka TU Delft) in the Netherlands believe they have found a solution, designing a new "Pop Up" apartment that ingeniously provides 1,000 sq ft of living space in an apartment half the size.

Through a push of a button, your apartment automatically rearranges to the activity you want. "Like with a Swiss pocketknife, only the desired shapes are being folded out, while the others stay razor-thin in the existing walls," reads the description of the students' website. In other words, if you want to be in the living room, your apartment can be quickly transformed into your living room. The driving theory behind this 'condensing process' is the inescapable fact that any one person can only be in any one space at one time. 

Of course, the fact remains that this design is conceptual. Many details need work, but it is still inspiring to see students anywhere enthusiastic about creating a more efficient future.  

On this project, TU Delft's creative brigade includes Behiç Can Aldemir, Jeroen van Lith, Steph Kanters, Sol van Kempen, Izabela Slodka, & Maciej Wieczorkowski

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